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How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Lying?

Your gut tells you something is wrong.

If you feel like something is off, it probably is. Most women know they’re being lied to long before they actually admit it, but they don’t immediately act on their intuition.

The details don’t add up.

Look beyond what he’s saying and try to be an objective observer of his behavior.

He suffers from TMI (or TLI—that’s Too Little Information!).

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Guys who lie tend to give too much information or keep very quiet—be cautious of both. “You know your guy and you know when he’s not acting like himself. If your guy is chatty and suddenly he’s not, something’s up.

He refuses to get personal.

Most people who are comfortable in a relationship are open to sharing details of their lives. If a guy is unusually distant and keeps almost everything about himself secret, he’s probably holding something back.

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He starts covering his tracks.

If your guy is constantly deleting his browser history or shutting down his e-mail, or if there are numerous occasions where it’s impossible to reach him, you might want to get out of there—fast.

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He’s super defensive.

“If you find that he pauses a lot when responding to your questions, becomes overly fidgety and defensive or can’t look you in the eye, be suspicious that he might not be telling you the truth,” says Kerner.

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He repeats his story.

“Men tend to say the truth just once.” It’s the truth, after all. It doesn’t need to be repeated three times.

He constantly blames you.

Although it’s natural for a guy to be a little testy when interrogated, if you notice that he’s always shifting the blame so that you look like the guilty party, question his motives. “If every concern you have gets twisted around and thrown back at you, he’s pulling a classic guilty man move.

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He has an answer for everything.

Watch out for excuses that are very buttoned up, a little too perfect and rehearsed. “If you find yourself making sense of something that doesn’t make sense or making exceptions, stop yourself,” says Dreyfus.

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He makes the lies seem like no big deal.

Liars have an advantage because what they say is what we want to hear, and they know it. Even if he’s feeding you little lies that make you feel good about yourself, remember that they are lies. “It’s hard to constantly be thinking, is this the truth, is this not the truth? Even if it seems innocent enough, someone who lies about little things is going to lie about big things,” says Feldman. “If you do stay in the relationship, rebuild trust slowly and be clear that if he lies again, it’s over.”

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