What Is It Like To Be Invisible?

How to become invisible (In Real life)

How to become invisible in real life?

Do you believe in witchcraft, spells, and pure magic? Have you ever wished you had the power to turn wrong into right, bad into good, and best?

Change your life today by using the power of pure spells, witchcraft, and magic.

Open spell book with magical smoke

Whether for love, lottery, success, spiritual growth or revenge, this powerful spells, witchcraft and magic can bring an end to your misery as quickly as possible.

Materials Required:

1. Items of Significant Color

2. Herbs

3. Items Of Symbolic Significance

4. Essentials Oils and Flowers

5. Robe / cloak

magical smoke from a burning incense stick on an incense stand on a wooden shelf in the interior

6. Sea Salt

7. Rosemary (Optional)

8. Smudge (Optional)

aroma candle in brown glass jar. Scented handmade candle. Soy candles are burning in a jar. Aroma

9. Candles

10. Matches / lighter

Symbolic Offering Steps to Follow When Casting Invisibility Spells:

1. Prepare a sacred place and cleanse yourself

2. Close your eyes and think of a blazing white fire in your mind

Spell Casting

3. Visualize the thing or person you want to eliminate from your life

4. Focus your energy on that thought once the image of that object or person displays

5. Now imagine that vision is a photograph

drunk depressed young man burning photo of ex-girlfriend on kitchen

6. Visualize you holding the photo and tearing it with your hands

7. Burn that picture completely with the white fire

8. Concentrate on the spiritual flame until it turns back into the pure white light

Chant When Casting Invisibility Spells

Magic moon, quarter bright, give me what I ask tonight. A little love Is all I need; I can do the rest indeed. Create no zombies, make no trouble I just need help to solve this puzzle. The one I love, she needs a nudge into my arms, where she can’t budge and there, she will forever stay for all of our remaining days.

Woman fortune teller reads a book of spells. Selective focus.

This spell is more praised and respected by conventional society. It is one of the easiest spells to use, yet it works the quickest and instantly like no other.

Try it and let us know how it works!


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