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How to Become a Werewolf?

Here are 22 ways on how to become a Werewolf!

1. Being bitten by another werewolf.

2. Being scratched by another werewolf.

3. Selling your soul to the devil.

4. Wearing an enchanted belt made of wolf skin/fur, known as a wolf-belt.

5. Applying a magic salve to the body.

6. Eating lycanthropous flowers (white or yellow flowers said to be in the Balkans).

7. Inhaling certain potions.

witch apothecary jars magic potions halloween decoration

8. Simply wearing an animal’s pelt.

9. Putting a real wolf pelt on your body, then drinking beer mixed with blood.

10. Drinking water from a wolf’s paw print.

11. Eating a wolf’s brains.

12. Rituals and spells.

13. Making love with a werewolf.

14. Eating an unborn fetus.

15. Wearing a belt made of the skin of an executed criminal.

16. Being cursed by a witch or troll.

Voodoo doll. Black magic esoteric ritual. Halloween concept.

17. Being blasphemous and getting cursed for your sins.

18. Drinking from a lycanthropous stream.

19. Sleeping on a Friday night under the full moon with the moon shining directly on your face.

Full Moon

20. Having a child who was born on a new moon.

21. Without having made a confession in ten years.

22. Tasting human flesh.

People in the Middle Ages, as I stated, believed in anything. They used superstition and religion to explain events Instead of explaining things with science. So don’t expect any of these techniques to truly work if you want to turn into a werewolf.


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