Dark Psychology

How to analyze people with dark psychology?

What is Dark Psychology?

Dark psychology is the study of personality and the human condition with a focus on the dark side of human nature. In this area of psychology, subjects including aggression, cruelty, sadism, and psychopathy are discussed together with other darker aspects of the human psyche.

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Here are three main types of dark psychology:

Social manipulation:

This is the practice of controlling people by deception, manipulation, and coercion.



This is when someone uses persuasion and influence techniques to change another person’s behavior or opinion.

An asian businesman standing at a podium giving a talk at a convention.

Emotional manipulation:

This occurs when someone consciously tries to manipulate the emotions of another person in order to get what they want.

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The benefits of dark psychology:

Despite its negative connotations, dark psychology can actually be used for good. For example, it can be used to:

a) Help people comprehend why they do what they do.

Dark psychology can help us understand why people act in particular ways, which can be useful in treating psychiatric issues.

b) Change people’s behavior –

Dark psychology can be used to change people’s behavior for the better, such as in cases of addiction or rehabilitation.

Alcohol addict with desperate behavior having breakdown at aa therapy meeting

c) Enhance communication –

By comprehending how dark psychology operates, we can discover better ways to communicate and avoid conflict.

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