How much cryptocurrency does Elon Musk really own?

Elon Musk was one of the first prominent individuals to embrace cryptocurrencies.

Although Dogecoin remains his favorite, he also invested a lot in Bitcoin. Elon Musk only has 0.25 BTC worth of cryptocurrencies in 2018. But his most recent $1.5 billion investment through Tesla made him one of the biggest BTC holders worldwide. He even received a lot of criticism for it, with some suggesting that while he was using Tesla to go green, he was also wasting energy and investing in Bitcoin.

There are rumors that Elon Musk has more Bitcoin.

We are all aware of Tesla’s $1.5 billion Bitcoin investment. And only that is what we think about Elon Musk. But according to rumors, Elon Musk owns even more Bitcoin, estimated to be worth $5 billion. Scaramucci, who thinks Elon Musk owns a huge BTC holding, reported this.

Though we cannot be entirely sure of the data, it is a believable thing to imagine.  He is a man of the future after all.  In fact, when people say that Bitcoin isn’t energy efficient and has a huge carbon footprint, they aren’t wrong. But that isn’t what the future will be for Bitcoin.

The holdings that Elon Musk has doesn’t add to a carbon footprint but makes up for an opportunity to go green in the future. We must realize that employing renewable energy sources is the way that bitcoin mining will be done in the future. Therefore, since it will be resolved, we shouldn’t be concerned about the environmental impact we have with Bitcoin. 

When seen in that light, even a dollar has a huge carbon footprint.

Scaramucci agreed with this, saying that it’s important to understand that Elon wouldn’t have invested in something if it weren’t good enough. He claimed that Elon Musk invests in Bitcoin because he foresees the future. “No living person has done more to protect the planet against climate change”.

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