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How many earths can Jupiter hold?

Humans enjoy quantifying objects by determining how many objects can be crammed into a single object.

We frequently inquire about the number of moons that can fit inside the Earth or the number of Earths that can fit inside the sun.

This enables us to comprehend the size of objects. You may be curious about the number of Earths that can fit inside other planets, such as Jupiter.


Jupiter is referred to as the “King of the Planets,” and with reason. For starters, it is the Solar System’s largest planet, actually larger than all the other planets combined. It is appropriately named after the Roman pantheon’s king, Zeus Latinized (the king of the Olympian gods).

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Consider Earth, the largest terrestrial planet, but a mere marble in comparison to the Jovian giant. Due to their size disparity, people frequently wonder how many times Earth could fit inside Jupiter’s massive frame. As it turns out, you could do it numerous times!

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To determine how many Earths can fit inside Jupiter, let’s examine the planet’s dimensions and size. After comprehending Jupiter’s size, it’s easy to see why 1,300 Earths could fit inside.

Jupiter is the Solar System’s largest planet, and it is classified as a “gas giant.”

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Jupiter is classified as a planet because it is so massive that it could become a star if it gained about 80 times the mass it currently has. According to scientists, Jupiter and its moons operate similarly to our Solar System.

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Jupiter, of course, has the strongest magnetic field of all the planets, with a field 20,000 times the strength of the magnetic field on Earth.

Additionally, the gravity is significantly different. With a stronger gravitational pull, someone standing on Jupiter would weigh 2.4 times what they do on Earth. This means that if you are 120 pounds on Earth, you would be 288 pounds on Jupiter.

The Earth is significantly smaller than Jupiter. Earth is approximately 3,959 miles in diameter, while Jupiter is 43,441 miles in diameter. Earth weighs 5.972 1024 kilograms, while Jupiter weighs 1.898 1027 kilograms. While Earth has only one confirmed moon, Jupiter has sixteen. Jupiter, like Saturn, has four rings.

With such a disparity in size, it’s only natural that 1,300 Earths could fit inside Jupiter. It would take 3.5 Earths to fit across Jupiter’s red spot on its own.

Jupiter is enormous in comparison to our tiny planet, and thus it would take this many Earths to fill it.


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