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How many beers to get drunk?

While some people can become inebriated after just one beer, others can go their entire lives without ever becoming inebriated.

Be aware that excessive drinking can lead to alcoholism, which can cause serious health problems.

Small amounts of beer are good for your health and can help you unwind, on the other hand. Of course, you’re going to want to know how much beer to drink and how much of it to drink in order to get the best results.

The answer depends on a variety of factors.

Your body type

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Alcoholism is a personal experience. There will be vast differences in the reactions of two people who consume the exact same beer in the exact same quantity. The characteristics of your body play a role in how quickly you become inebriated.


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A larger person requires more beer to get intoxicated than a smaller person. After two or three drinks, a 100-pound (45-kg) person can become intoxicated, whereas a person twice as heavy takes three drinks to feel the first signs of drunkenness.

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Even at 0.02 BAC, impaired judgment and slow effects begin (blood alcohol concentration). So, if you’ve had one drink, it’s time to call a taxi instead of driving home.


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When it comes to how quickly you get intoxicated, height is a little less well-known. Because the circulatory system of tall people is longer than that of short people, the same amount of alcohol in the blood of the latter is more evenly distributed.


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Your tolerance for alcohol decreases as you get older. A decrease in muscle mass in the elderly causes drunkenness to occur more quickly, even though experienced drinkers can drink more than someone who is tasting beer for the first time.


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According to research, women require less beer than men to feel satisfied after a night out on the town. Having more fat and less water in your body is the reason.

When you consume alcohol on an empty stomach, your body is able to process it more quickly. There is a direct correlation between a lack of sleep, inactivity, and a high body fat percentage.

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In addition, the body’s hydration is essential. So many people request a glass of water along with their alcoholic beverage. You’ll get intoxicated much more quickly if you’re dehydrated.

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Alcohol content in the blood

The small intestine receives beer after it has passed through the stomach. After a meal, digestion slows down the passage.

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However, if you decide to skip a meal and drink instead, alcohol will quickly enter your bloodstream and travel to your liver and brain.


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