Top 10 most wanted serial killers!

Here are Top 10 most wanted serial killers!

10. William Bradford Bishop

In the summer of 1976, he committed an unbelievably cruel and terrible crime. After a typical workday, William resolved to kill his own family when he got home.

He had a lovely wife and three children, but now they are all dead as a result of him.

Then, he drove the corpses to Columbia, where he buried them. After that, he vanished without a trace.

9. Victor Manuel Gerena

Gerena recently walked away after robbing a bank in West Hatford of over $7 million. To achieve his goal, he shot his own coworkers. The crime is actually the second-largest bank robbery to occur in American history. A smaller group of persons were detained by the police after they admitted planning the entire robbery.

8. Alexis Flores

Based on the charges, Flores kidnapped and killed a young child in the summer of 2000. They lived at the same place and Flores introduced himself as another person. Flores almost did the same thing in Arizona not too long ago. When Flores reappeared, the police officers immediately recognized him.

7. William Robert Fisher

He almost exactly replicated Bradford Bishop’s murder. William murdered his own children and wife. Her wife reportedly desired a divorce and a fresh start, according to the neighbors. Probably this was the main reason for the brutal action. A few days later, the cops located his car in Arizona. On the FBI’s list of most wanted individuals, William is one of them.

6. Fidel Urbina

He is a truly wicked person who enjoys brutality and sexual assault. Urban kidnapped and killed a young woman in Chicago in March 1998. He left the body in a car after having it burned. For him, it wasn’t enough.

In the same year, he also murdered a young woman who was 22 years old. Urbina, who is from Mexico, immigrated to the United States. and no one has seen him since more than eight years ago.

5. Glen Stewart Godwin

He escaped twice from the same prison, and no one is sure where he is right now. Godwin killed a local drug dealer in California, making him one of the most dangerous criminals between 1975 and 1980. He was initially sentenced to 27 years in prison, but he managed to escape. He was the first to be able to do that. He was caught quickly after killing another drug dealer, but five months later he managed to escape once more. How unbelievable!

4. Semion Mogilevich

Although he hasn’t committed a murder, he has committed many other serious offenses. Semion stole at least 140 investors’ money and then he disappeared forever. He said that their money will increase if they invest into an architectural business. Semion is a great master of mind-tricks and have the ability to manipulate people.

3. Yaser Abdal Sahid

Probably none of us could imagine how can a people kill his or her own children. Yaser Abdal Sahid shot his own daughters with at least ten bullets. The incident took place in Texas in 2004.

2. Eduardo Ravelo

Eduardo committed a plenty of horrible crimes, not just in Texas but also in his native land Mexico. According to Samantha Mikeska, a secret agent, he is the most dangerous and wanted criminal not just in the United States but also in the whole world. At least 65 people have been put to death by Eduardo so far, and he probably will not stop it. He totally changed his appearance to avoid being found.

1. Jason Derek Brown

He appears to be a kind and sympathetic person at first glance, but he is not. In 2004, he attacked and killed a car-guard and took about 60,000 dollars from the truck. He later traveled to Europe with a Christian group after leaving America. When he returned, he got married once again, but then they divorced. Several rumors said that he became insane, started drinking heavily, and began abusing drugs.


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