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Are frogs toxic to dogs?

Are Frogs Poisonous To Dogs Or Cats?

Although all frogs produce skin fluids, most of them are not poisonous to domestic pets. But this is not the case for pickerel and tree frogs. Both pickerel and tree frogs are commonly found in the United States and they are frogs poisonous to dogs and cats.

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They release toxins in their skin as a defense whenever they are attacked by predators. And if your dog or cat bites these frogs, the toxins can make them sick.

Pickerel Frog

In the US, the Pickerel Frog is unique in that it secretes toxic host-defense peptides in its skin. Many mammals, including cats and dogs, find these secretions to be unpleasant or even deadly, although they often only mildly irritate human skin.

In most cases, your dog or cat will vomit it back up if eaten because it’s too slimy. They may experience diarrhea or other symptoms detailed below, but it’s more likely that your pet will go about their day as usual. Symptoms are not typically fatal.

Tree Frogs

The tree frog produces a toxin peptide called Caerulein on its skin. This toxin serves as a protection for this species against predators. If your dog or cat bites a tree frog, ingestion of the caerulein toxin may make your pet salivate excessively.

Green Tree Frog

Tree frogs can poison cats or dogs, resulting in diarrhea. The toxin, however, isn’t strong enough to cause lasting issues or death.

Symptoms Of Severe Frog Poisoning In Dogs Or Cats Include:

The neurological system, heart, and blood arteries are the primary targets of frog toxins. It’s important to keep an eye on your pet and get them to a vet should they show any of the following symptoms:

Increased production of saliva
Howling, whimpering, or whining
Foaming at the mouth
Smacking their lips together
Falling over or circling in place


In severe cases, the toxin from a pickerel frog can cause a dog or cat to collapse, have severe convulsions, and can kill it if it isn’t treated.

What To Do If Your Dog Or Cat Has Encountered A Poisonous Frog

It’s important to give your pet a lot of water to drink if you suspect it has bitten a poisonous frog. And if your dog or cat starts to experience severe symptoms like seizures, get your pet to a vet immediately.

Depending on your pet’s symptoms, the vet may administer intravenous fluids and other medications. There is no way to tell how your pet will respond and it’s not wise to wait around to find out!


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