7 ways to prevent blushing

Here are some ways to stop severe or frequent blushing:

1. Breathe

Breathing deeply and slowly will tell the brain to relax. Once relaxed, the body will stop releasing stress hormones, the heartbeat will slow to normal levels, and blood pressure will return to normal.

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These events will reduce the level of blood rushing to the face, thereby preventing blushing.

2. Accept the blushing

Sometimes, blushing in response to a stressful situation can be another source of stress, thereby worsening the facial redness. By acknowledging and accepting the blushing, it may stop this cycle.

In fact, blushing may not be such a bad thing. Some research has found that those who blush are more likely to be forgiven by other people, which can help avert a conflict.

3. Smile and laugh

Research suggests that smiling may reduce stress levels and regulate the body’s natural stress responses.

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According to a 2012 study by Trusted Source, people who carry out stressful tasks while smiling have lower heart rates following the task than people who do not smile while carrying out the same chores. Participants who smile also report feeling better during the activity than those who maintain a neutral expression.

4. Regulate the temperature

Blushing is often more severe in warmer temperatures. To reduce facial redness, move to a cooler area, switch on the air conditioning, or remove some layers of clothing. Sipping cold water can also be effective.

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5. Avoid eye contact

Calm down by avoiding eye contact with anyone who may be contributing to the stress or embarrassment. Some people may simply need to avert their gaze for a moment, while others may need to close their eyes momentarily.

6. Wear makeup

Using a green-tinted, color-correcting makeup can mask blushing because the green neutralizes the redness of the cheeks.

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This makeup may be especially beneficial for those who experience regular or severe blushing only in certain situations, such as during a school presentation or a work meeting.

7. Avoid triggers

People who have specific blush triggers may wish to avoid them. For example, those who are bothered by blushing that arises from consuming spicy foods, alcohol, or hot drinks should try to avoid eating or drinking these items.


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