5 worst movies in 2023

Your Place Or Mine

Reese Witherspoon has starred in some truly excellent movies and has more than proven herself to be one of the more capable leads of her generation. Unfortunately, Your Place Or Mine, which pairs her with Ashton Kutcher, fails to give these romantic leads the kind of spark that makes any romantic comedy great.

The movie follows their two characters, who are best friends, as they trade lives and discover that what they had been looking for may not be what they actually need. It’s all very standard rom-com stuff, and it’s not delivered with the kind of verve you would want from this kind of movie.

Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey

As a meme, it was amusing to consider that because the character of Pooh Bear was now in the public domain, we might get to see the character in circumstances he wasn’t in the past. Unfortunately, Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey is atrocious from beginning to end.

The movie, which imagines a version of Winnie-the-Pooh and Piglet who are bloodthirsty, and spend the movie terrorizing Christopher Robin and the other inhabitants of a remote cabin, is boring and distasteful. It’s not at all the amusing meme we might have imagined.


Chris Evans and Blonde‘s Ana de Armas are two beautiful people who have proven that they can definitely be good actors under the right circumstances. Whatever those circumstances are, though, Ghosted doesn’t manage to produce them.

Following a man who discovers that the first date he just had was with a secret agent, the movie is lifeless from the word go, filled with stale action direction, horrible dialogue, and a devastating lack of urgency or originality.

An action rom-com with these two actors doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to make and yet Ghosted proves that there were plenty of ways to mess it up.

House Party

An uninspired remake of the 1990 movie of the same name, House Party follows two aspiring club promoters who are down on their luck and decide to host an exclusive party in LeBron James‘ house in order to make the money they need.

Unfortunately, this movie reeks of brand-building in all the wrong ways, and never finds a way to be particularly original or funny. The lack of real comedy is obviously the greatest sin for this film, which is, at least ostensibly, supposed to be filled with jokes. Instead, House Party is a bad hang before the party even starts.

Children of the Corn

It’s never really up for debate how long-stalled movies end up, and Children of the Corn is one such example. Children of the Corn is not the first film in the franchise, but rather the eleventh, based on Stephen King’s 1978 short story of the same name.

We follow Eden (Kate Moyer), a twelve-year-old girl who is possessed by a spirit and gathers other children to oppose the grown-ups in a little village surrounded by a cornfield. After all the adults are killed or imprisoned, just a teenage boy remains as a last hope for stopping Eden’s goals.

In general, as compared to prior installments and the book it was based on, the film fell short of expectations, owing mainly to poor execution.


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