5 of the Most Expensive Private Planes 

Gulfstream G700 – USD $75 million

The name “Gulfstream” is synonymous with private jets and their latest flagship model carries on their tradition of providing customers with a comfortable time in the skies all in the luxury of their very own plane. Don’t be fooled just because it’s the cheapest plane on this list.

The G700 can come with up to five living areas and the whole plane can seat 19 passengers. Gulfstream has also boasted that the G700 is sustainable, from its aerodynamic design and engineering to its interior design, where you can choose leather alternatives or vegetable-dyed materials for the inside of the plane.

Bombardier Global 8000 – USD $78 million

The Canadian jet company’s latest iteration of their Global line of private jets boats the ability to comfortably seat 19 people and can reach speeds of up to 1,000 kilometres per hour or Mach 0.94. The “8000” is actually the nautical miles it can reach, which is 14,816 kilometres, enabling one-way flights between cities like Singapore to LA and London to Perth.

The plane comes with a conference suite, which includes a space that can either be a meeting or dining space that seats six, as well as an entertainment suite complete with a 40-inc 4K TV with home theatre surround sound. 

Airbus ACJ350 – USD $317 million

An Airbus as a private jet? If you’ve got a little upwards of USD $300 million, why not? Small and compact usually come to mind when someone mentions “private jets”, but the Airbus ACJ350 boasts a floor area of 308 square metres. The concept of its interior design is to make it feel like your home in the sky.

Boeing 747-8 – USD $418.4 million 

This particular model is used by Lufthansa, Koran Air, Nippon Cargo Airlines, and is even the model for the current Air Force One. So if you have one of these as a private plane, it means you’ve really got deep pockets—and you want to show it off.

One of the few people who own one for private use is a Middle Eastern businessman who hired design house Albert Pinto for the interior, transforming the humongous plane into the businessman’s very own mansion in the sky. 

Airbus A380 – USD $432.6 million

Like the Boeing 747-8, the Airbus A380 is a plane that’s usually utilized for commercial and cargo uses. However, in 2007, Prince Al Waleed bin Talal Al Saud commissioned an A380 for himself which he dubbed “The Flying Palace”, which is a fitting name considering that the plan was to have three decks and that the typical seating for the plane can accommodate a whopping 525 passengers.

The Flying Palace was going to have a garage, a business centre with two conference rooms, and five master bedrooms on the owner’s deck according to Autoevolution


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